“Bob has helped eCity’s executive team grow the business from strength to strength.”

Dr. Beverley Adams, CEO at eCityRisk, ImageCat’s European venture serving the re/insurance industry.

“Bob is a clever, results oriented and inventive person. He has a difficult to find capability to be an excellent sounding board helping you to put choices and decisions in a broader perspective to ensure you go for what your really want.”

Carlos Flores Ramirez, Vice-President & Country Manager at NIIT Technologies Limited.

“Bob is a great coach, both on an individual level and as part of a group process. He helps you think out of the box, has an original approach to his coaching work, which leads to creative and very helpful results.”

Stefan Krawczyk, Senior Director and Counsel, Government Relations Europe at eBay

“Thanks to his experience and understanding of the public affairs world, Bob has been a great support in bringing more professionalism in my work as PA practitioner. Being asked the right questions, it was amazing to see how much clarity I could get in my thinking. Through his coaching, I have been able to further develop strengths and as a result, I have been able to migrate to a new job on higher pay and more seniority.”

Claudia Breure, EU Public Affairs Manager at eBay and now Head of Regulatory Public Affairs at BT Global Services.

“I was initially slightly sceptical about coaching and the difference it could make to my career. However, Bob’s clear understanding of public affairs and the communication industry instantly put me at ease. His flexibility and the tailoring of the structure of our sessions to fit with my own, very specific, development needs was excellent. He helped me: bring greater balance to my professional and personal life; ask myself the right questions so that, for the first time, I became clear about my own ambitions and how to secure progress against them; and most importantly gain the confidence in my own capabilities that I’ve often found obscured by the day-to-day pressures of consultancy life.”

David Harman, Fishburn Hedges.

“I asked Bob to help me plan my next career move. Although I enjoyed my job I was looking for a new challenge. He helped me understand my reasons for leaving behind a perfectly enjoyable and rewarding job and moving on to the next stage in my career. His techniques successfully guided me to a position where I was able to fully assess my situation. We worked out what my career objectives were and his methods helped me focus on the steps I needed to take to achieve my objectives.
Very soon after I decided that I was ready for my next career move, I was offered a position with improved salary, benefits and prospects.”

Kevin Doran, head of EU liason office, British Medical Association and now Director for European affairs at Bell Pottinger Public Affairs.

Bob’s exceptional coaching proved invaluable as I faced the defining project of the first 6 months in my new job. Challenged with an overwhelming workload and an impossible time table, Bob”s inspirational guidance brought focus and optimized time management to my work. His ability to unlock hidden personal strengths allowed me to better manage my professional relationships and establish a clear thinking on my career path. As a direct result of Bob”s work with me, I was able to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule and expectations, laying a firm foundation for my current professional success.”

Sebastian Csaki, Senior Consultant Government Relations and now Manager, Environment & CSR at McDonald”s Europe

 “Before working with Bob Beck I had too much work with too little time. This prevented me from achieving the outcomes that I wanted to achieve for the body that I’d been appointed to. By designing a workable strategy I’ve been able to delegate and reduce my commitments in my business and to focus on what I want to deliver as a non-exec NDPB board member. His approach was honest, insightful, pragmatic and intelligent yet remained humorous throughout. I have enjoyed working with Bob Beck, if you are time poor and want to deliver I can recomend you work with him.”

Pam Warhurst, Board Member, Natural England, Chair of Pennine Prospects regeneration company, social entrepreneuse & founder of several companies.

“The complexities of the political realities of committee work in Trades Unions had left me floundering about. Coaching sessions with Bob Beck helped considerably as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. His program was extremely flexible and fitted easily into the suite of issues I wanted to address. The outcome was a unique value proposal tailored to my needs and designed for results. I know of no other counsellor willing to conform in such a way. Discreet, concise, intuitive, his technique nudges the client towards intelligent solutions, artfully revealing to them that they hold the keys to the problems themselves.”

Aurore Lester-Smith, NUJ Secretary, Brussels & Financial Europe (Email) FEE.

 “The solutions to complicated problems were right at my fingertips, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t see them. That’s the great asset of Bob Beck’s coaching; in his calm and measured way he managed to help me find my own solutions for the challenges I faced. All the information I needed to set my business plans in motion was readily available to me, yet Bob helped me put all of that information in context, prioritise it, and use it effectively. I hence can wholeheartedly commend Bob Beck’s coaching.”

Jon Worth, European Fast Stream Civil Servant and now web based political communications expert.

“I started coaching sessions with Bob when I needed a deeper reflection on my professional choices. Bob’s sharpness and ability to ask the right questions were a good incentive to think comprehensively about my future. With his assistance I focused on my real interests and ambitions and I was reassured when making difficult choices. Above all Bob tought me that self-reflection is important and the right questions bring to the right answers.”

Marko Bucik, Advisor at Government Office for European Affairs, Government of Slovenia / Slovenian Presidency of the EU.