What do I do?

I have conversations with people so that they can overcome blocks, solve turnkey problems, increase their performance and become more content in their work. This will involve an analysis of their use of language, their behaviour, nonverbal communication and of any relevant patterns that arise in these. It will enter into how a client’s structure of beliefs can be melded in support of their goals. I work with people on how they negotiate, achieve strategies, how they lead and how they relate to and are perceived by other people. The benefits are dramatic and I’m happy to supply supporting references.

I have over 18 years professional experience in complex and difficult international settings.  Initially this was around the Institutions and Business of Government.  It led the kernel of my early practice to be with people who persuade at the heart of their work.  Principally, my clients were legal, public affairs or public relations professionals.  Most of them were in London, Paris or Brussels.  Referrals quickly broadened who I coach.  For some years, I have worked cross-business, in several sectors and from founders of start-ups to national board members in global brands.  My clients are far further afield – currently across 9 time zones –  and I am persuing work in the APEC region.

Coaching meetings are conducted 1:1 and almost always in person at the clients’ offices though I also work over the phone or via VoIP.  When working with a firm, I agree with a client and his or her managers on objectives so that return on investment can be demonstrated.  I’ve worked with clients on transition coaching, specifically in their first 90 days in a new post or in migration from their company.  This can involve a 360º feedback exercise if required.  I also work with clients on group dynamics, how to read, influence and lead a group or on forming highly effective teams and can use video as a rapid feedback loop in this.

If you would be interested in how we could work together, please contact me through this web site or at the contact details, below.